Jack Houghton, March 10, 2013

MORE than three quarters of firearms stolen from Gold Coasters over the past two years have not been recovered.

A search under Right to Information laws revealed more than 60 firearms including double-barrel shotguns, handguns, high-powered rifles and semi-automatic weapons are still unaccountable.

There was a high probability that the weapons could end up on the state’s black market , according to Griffith University policing experts.

Simon Bronitt, of Griffith-based Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence in Policing, said thieves often used “fences” to off-load stolen weapons.

Glitter Strip tarnished by drug-turf conflict

Robyn Wuth, Geoff Chambers & Jack Houghton   |  06:22am April 30, 2012

THE bloody battle between the Hells Angels and Bandidos is threatening to erupt into a national war, with patched bikies from interstate placed on stand-by to back up their Gold Coast members.

The gangs, already at war in Sydney after Hells Angels boss and former Bandidos president Felix Lyle persuaded three Bandidos chapters to defect last year, are brawling over the Gold Coast’s lucrative drug trade.

Since 2010, Hells Angels numbers have swollen under the leadership of Mr Lyle and former Nomads president Scott Orrock, with dozens of defections, or patchovers.


Jack Houghton,  March 17, 2013

GOLD Coasters are some of the worst drivers in the state with more than 37,000 motorists losing their licence last year.

Despite having more than double the Coast’s population, Brisbane motorists only lost an additional 9000 licences.

The figures forced Gold Coast driving experts to lash out at the Department of Transport and Main Roads claiming “ridiculously easy” driving tests were flooding the state’s roads with inexperienced drivers.

Molendinar-based driving instructor Howard Dennerstein said the number of disqualifications could be linked to beginner drivers having a poor understanding of road rules.

“Every day one of our students pass the driving test who should not be on the road without supervision,” he said.


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